I mentioned as part of my 2015 goals that this year I want to be able to answer the following questions:

  • What do I believe in?
  • Who/what is God to me?
  • How does this affect me and the way I live?

Let me try and keep this as simple and short as possible. I think I’ve succeeded in removing any form of religious indoctrination from my mind (Or am I mistaken?). It may take much longer but thanks to a lot of reading from very generic, eastern and sometimes pretty “next-level” authors I feel I am at a point where my view of what real, spiritual, or God is is no longer influenced by how I grew up, or what I  was taught.

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One thing I simply cannot get rid of is the concept that everything is spiritual. I simply cannot feel comfortable or at home with the idea that there is no such thing as “spirit” or a “higher achievement” or a level of “enlightenment” we humans can achieve. I cannot escape the fact that there is a world that is very real that we cannot see, smell, taste or touch. Science cannot prove it and most people don’t believe in it (because we choose to believe only in the things we can experience with our 5 senses).

There are simply too many things that have happened in my own life and in the lives of other people that make me believe that there is another dimension to life. Call it a spiritual world or some kind of a transcendent world if you want to. There is the material world that we live in which is the one we can see, touch, taste and experience. Then there is this “other” world were few are able to tap into and experience.

Believing in this “other” world, or “Spirit” or “Transcendent dimension” takes faith. Yup, the word believers use so often and skeptics love to ridicule. I have no issue with faith, faith can be very dumb and blind, but it is unfortunately something we as humans cannot live without. Our lives revolve around faith whether we like it or not. I realized that when there is a certain amount of conviction or evidence then there is no longer need for faith, then faith becomes knowledge. My faith in this spiritual world is slowly moving from the faith side of the equation, to the knowledge side.

What do I do with this faith then? This opens up a lot of questions. If there is indeed this other world, this transcendent dimension or spiritual realm then how to we connect to it?  What is it? What benefit does it give us? Why should we care about it?

And this is where I am at… It is all questions that lead to the meaning of our lives, of God, our purpose, and what we are. This leads me to look for people that are known for providing answers on these questions. People through the ages that were known for their knowledge on spiritual matters, wisdom, on other dimensions and on achieving enlightenment and higher consciousness. Name it what you will it all means the same thing: Connecting to this other realm. Connecting to God. When I start to look for these spiritual influencers of humanity I always come across one person that I cannot ignore or look past. Jesus. There is truly something about this man that supersedes or elevates him above the rest. He knew/achieved something that so few have.

But let’s not jump to conclusions yet 🙂

Right now I am reading as much as I can on people from all eras, beliefs, classes and races. More updates to follow soon…