I’ve had quite the spiritual journey over the last 6-12 months. My old self will call this a severe “backsliding” but looking back I can now say that I am in the process of really looking at things with an open, clear perspective.

We are all influenced by someone and something, and this influence determines our outlook on life. It determines how we think the world works and more specifically how we think/experience God, Jesus, religion and spirituality.

I’ve been trying to break free from the influence that religion has had on my life. I was raised with a heavy religious Christian hammer. A hammer that I dearly loved for very long.  I managed to break free from this about 3 years ago when my eyes opened up to the world free from the Law, under Grace and under the complete forgiveness and unconditional love of Jesus.


Yet, even from that amazing place I believe I have gone further away from any type of religious bond. What I attempted to do was look at the world and mankind and how we interact from point zero. The place where there is still no prejudice or predefined idea on who or how God or religion is, how things were created, what went wrong or who or what the solution is.

This is the process I went through. If I try and forget everything I know about God, Christianity, Jesus and my current beliefs. If I can set all of that aside for a moment and look around me and simply observe…then what truths do I see in the world?

Here’s the 1st of 5 truths I’ve come to know so far:

1. There is something wrong with the world

This is not really that difficult to realize. All you have to do is switch on the tv or look at society around you and you will see a world that is both beautiful and also awful. There’s millions of people that are happy and just as many that are also devastated. The world seems to be in a tug-of-war between “good” and “bad”. Good being the things we generally try to achieve or experience in our lives (things like prosperity, health, beauty, family, friends, love, generosity, kindness, service, etc) and bad being the opposite of those. Bad being war, pain, suffering, poverty, rape, death, greed, lust, etc.

There are both good and bad in the world today and I came to realize that this is not the way it is supposed to be, the world should not have any of the bad. No rape, no death, no poverty, no greed and no sadness. Some would argue that the balance of both good and bad is what makes the world perfect. I also understand that good can come from bad, as is does in most cases. But that does not make the bad thing that happened good. Bad is not a mandatory necessity for good, it can be one but it does not HAVE to be one. Good can come from so many other places.

Example: A girl gets high-jacked and mugged as someone steals her car. It is an extremely traumatic experience for the woman. She struggles to get through this traumatic event but she eventually defeats her fear of ever driving a car again. She becomes a mentally stronger person. She becomes more prepared and more independent in this world. In the end she is a better person for her current life and circumstances than she was before the mugging.

This example shows that good does come from bad, but does this mean the bad thing is actually good? No, all this means is that good can come from bad, it does NOT MEAN that good can only come from bad.

In the example there are plenty of good things that could have happened to the woman to also make her mentally strong, independent and prepared.

My point is this: I believe  if you forget about God, Religion and Christianity then I believe that it is easy to see that there is something wrong with the world. That is it. This is my first realization when religion gets stripped off. As plain and simple as that. The realization that the world and it’s people are not currently in a state of harmony or happiness.

It may seem pretty obvious to some people, but I have a bigger point to make with this. More in my next post. Check-out Part 2 here.