Minimalism is no longer a new term to me, having given the concept a large portion of my time and space in my life I can now say that I am in full swing of becoming a minimalist. The best part of this is that my wife is on-board as well. Even with a new born baby in the house we still have that urge to get rid of excess and keep only those things that really have value.


The benefits are real (see here) and we are keen to continue our Journey and take it to the next step. The question is what is the next step? We’re nowhere near removing all the clutter in our house yet and it is this exact exercise which has been the most time consuming action of the lot – getting rid of everything we don’t value. But assume for a moment that we manage to get our homes to look like Ryan’s (see here) what would be our next step? Okay first let me say that we don’t necessarily want our home to look like this. Both of us feel that a house can and should contain those things that really have value and it doesn’t have to look like an empty apartment with nobody staying there. A home is a home not only because you call it one, but it is YOUR home because you made it look and feel like one by changing it to a place where you feel comfortable, at home and welcome. A home is an extension of your own individuality just like the style of clothes you choose to wear is. It is important to not lose it in the process. Whether there isĀ an empty wall in your living room, or a massive book case filled with books you all love and value then so be it. As long it is a place where you not only stay… but also live.


So you’re a minimalist – what’s next? Back to the point: Imagine you’ve cleared just about all the excess you can and your home is looking pretty minimalist…whats next? Well…Apart from decluttering our homes and our lives in order to have more time, freedom and energy for the tings we love and value we noticed a further pull towards simplifying and evolving even more. Simplifying not only our home, but our lifestyle’s in terms what we eat, where we buy and how we consume. Analyzing these steps from minimalism to an eventual lifestyle change has made me aware of a pattern our lives are moving towards… a definite shift…can this be the stages of minimalism?


  1. Beginning our journey into minimalism – largely consists of clearing excess, discovering values, more time, less clutter, deeper friendships. etc.
  2. A shift in consuming habits and lifestyle – become a conscious consumer. Point 1 definitely leads to point 2. For us this means buying from local markets and producers, using animal friendly products and environmentally friendly products.
  3. Fall in love with the planet, animals, humans, life – this may sounds like a drastic jump from point 1 and 2. But the shift is certain. With all the free time and deeper friendships now allowed due to point 1, and the knowledge gained by point 2 the only logical next step is to fall in love with this planet and all life in it. We noticed how emotional we get when we see life under threat, pain being experienced and any type of damage to this planet. We are also more passionate to help neighbors, friends and family. There is a sense of generosity that surrounds us like misty cloud.


So what is the next step? Well only a complete life change that means becoming a better person that will eventually make this world a better place.