One of the things I love about my wife is her drive to live a life that truly makes a difference. A difference not only to oneself, but to your community, nature, animals and the environment. Since she came into my life I’ve had an awakening in terms of what it means to eat healthy as well as eat consciously. She plays an integral part in me wanting to live, eat and be healthy. I am becoming a conscious consumer.

Conscious consumer

To awaken to ones consuming habits or to consciously consume means to know where the food you are eating comes from. It means to know how it is prepared. It means to have a respect for ALL things that breathes life. It means asking the tough questions on the morality of dairy farms, butcheries, abattoirs and chicken farms (to name a few). It is an awakening to a holistic way of health that urges us to leave this earth in a better condition than what we found it in. This can be very challenging seeing as us humans have a bad rep for being constant consumers and horrific destroyers of earth.

Do you know how that piece of chicken you are eating makes its way to your plate? Is this a system you can support? Should you?

A conscious consumer tends to be a person that embrace a life of minimalism. I only came to realize this recently as I stumbled across and got absolutely hooked. The idea of consuming less, buying less, living with less as minimalists do falls perfectly in place with a life I am trying to embrace. A life of holistic and conscious living.

Quit sugar

Another aspect if living a healthy life and generally losing weight is our recent journey of quitting sugar. Once again my wife lead the charge here and it wasn’t long before we quit sugar ourselves. Quitting sugar is not as simple as cutting out Coke and Sweets, nope. It’s the hidden sugars you should be afraid of. We watched a few shockingly terrifying documentaries of obese young teens so demoralized about their weight and their ineffective weight-loss plans tat they are ready to quit life. We need to unlearn the shitty mindset that calories in- calories out. Forget calories. Count sugar. Since we quit sugar I dropped back to my ideal weight. Below are 6 tips I used to slowly get this addictive drug out of my system:



  1. Cook from fresh & eat real foods – no more junk food, fast food, or ready made meals
  2. Stay hydrated and cut out fizzy drinks, juices and alcohol – Coke is bad. Very bad. I drink about 5 liters of water every day. Add some lemon and you have a refreshing drink.
  3. Slowly start cutting down sugar in your hot drink – over a 6 month period I am only adding half a spoon of sugar into my coffee.
  4. Substitute unhealthy snacks at home & in your office with raw nuts – no more mid-day crisps, unhealthy garage pies. Have nuts and fruits nearby. Yes fruits contain just as much sugar as chocolate, but if I am on the verge of eating an entire slab of chocolate and I mange to only eat half a pineapple with all its healthy fiber and vitamins instead, then I’d say its the healthier choice.
  5. Eat more protein and fats & stay away from low fat products – To consume low-fat foods is probably the biggest lie ever told, and believed. Low fat means added sugars, and lots of it.

Becoming more conscious is much more than just a health thing for me. It is a spiritual journey. But it is something that can definitely be applied to the way you approach food, animals, nature and the environment.

Next time you go grocery shopping take some time and ask yourself a few questions when you pick up your usual items. Where was this made? Is is local? Is it environment friendly? Is is healthy?