Yes we are still trying to live minimalist. Have we done anything noteworthy lately?


But, when I look back over the last couple of months and evaluate everything that has changed in us since we began this minimalism journey, then it becomes noteworthy. Here is a list of changes I’ve noticed in myself and my wife since we began our journey into minimalism

1. We’re much more content with what we have. With a focus on buying less and only owning “stuff” you really value it made us appreciate it more. Our broken-door washing machine for example: Even though we have to duck-tape the door closed to keep it from leaking it still does the job 100%. It makes us appreciate that little noisy machine so much more knowing we have one and although we would love a new one we don’t really need one.

2. We became conscious consumers. I have to give credit to my wife here. She’s the one that’s put an intense amount of effort, passion and research into this. We question every item we buy. Is it locally produced? If not then can we get it somewhere local? Is it organic/healthy or stamped with whichever nature-friendly stamp? Buying meat… where is that chicken eggs really coming from? From a battery grain fed chicken farm? Or a grass fed organic free range chicken farm?

Free range Chicken farm , near Bristol. © Paul Box ( Tel: 01789-262151/07831-121483 NUJ recommended terms & conditions apply. Moral rights asserted under Copyright Designs & Patents Act 1988. Credit is required. No part of this photo to be stored, reproduced, manipulated or transmitted by any means without permission.

3. More time for important stuff. This one is difficult to explain. As we cleared our house of unwanted things it naturally became more open, clean, clear, simplistic and distraction-free. This means that I often find myself with nothing to do. While normally I’d have plenty of things to do in and around the house like re-organize the garage, kitchen cupboards, clothing closet, guest room etc. Now it’s all sorted. This opens the door for reading a book, watching a movie, chilling outside or whatever activity you normally would not have had time’s small increments of time saved that builds up to an entire evening of having nothing planned. It is astonishing how busy we can keep ourselves by organizing, cleaning and basically shuffling our clutter around from one location to the next. Rinse repeat.