Journey to minimalism day XX:

Take a look at all your possessions beginning with the main/biggest ones and ask yourself “Do I think I need this ?“. It’s a pretty basic question which may be met with an equally obvious answer (initially). 

Try to spend some more time questioning your motives for owning this possession and whether you really need it.

Here’s a few examples from my own list of possessions:

– Car: Yes I think I need it, because it takes me where I want to go. Luckily a Car is not a very highly valued item for me, so I have no need to get a new car. My car is paid off, and it is a means to an end for me. But… do I need it… In South Africa here and now… yes.

– iPhone 6: Of-course I think I need it. Can I do the same on a cheaper phone? Probably yes. Can I do without a phone, probably not. 

– 3rd pair of jeans: Do I think I need it…yes. But how often do I wear it? I only when the others are in the wash. Do I really need it? No. 

I can go on and on. Things like decorations in your house, furniture, clothing, even personal hobbies like bonsai trees, PC games, paintings, coins, etc.  do you really need it? Is it really adding value to your life? 

I am still trying to draw a line between a hobby that lets me collect stuff, stuff I probably don’t need and things I am merely collecting out of “want”. How do you draw the line between things you want and things you need? Is it good to live a life owning only things you never want and only ever need?

Is your joy connected to physical objects? 

So many questions..