With it being mid year 2015 already, and with most companies in full swing of their mid-year reviews and employee appraisals I thought it wise to take stock of whats been happening in the life of TheFran over the last few months…

Sadly I’m not nearly as busy with my beginning of the year goals as I would have hoped. Yet among the seeming sense of “passivity” I am rather happy and content with where I am at this stage of my life.
I just came back from a week holiday with the wife and in-laws and it was a great time to relax, further strengthen relationships, spend time with my other half, and get to experience some of the beautiful nature and wildlife that the Kruger Park has to offer.
Yeah…we go on vacation a lot, and with this being a higher value for both of us it does not bother me at all. Other people buy fancy cars or new clothes… we travel. Sadly all these trips do put a bit of strain on the piggy bank and poor mister piggy is looking a but skinny lately. But how fortunate are we that the only thing we have in our lives that puts strain on our financial lives is our social expenditures. THAT… is something we both give thanks for every day!
With finances in mind, I am quite chuffed with myself when I am able to reduce certain expenditures or the monthly cost of something. I get a weird kick out of reducing my car insurance with R200 per month, then taking that R200 and putting it into a savings account.
Another cost saving tip I started implementing is making my own coffee at work. Okay, admittedly I spend a lot of money on coffee, so this was the ideal place to save. Hence I am now brewing my own coffee at work, saving me the cost of 1 cup per day, 5 days a week. That’s R400 per month!
Another thing I realized recently is how we desire a life of simplicity. We hate clutter, we hate busy complicated lives. It is a massive challenge to get rid of these negative things in ones life, but we are tackling small things at a time, and it feels darn good when you do! For example we got rid of a few extra pieces of furniture in our house and it is amazing how much simpler it makes the place look.
More on cost saving tips in a next post. but for now, this is it.