It is already 4 months into the year, and already people are showing serious signs of tire, stress, being overworked and in dire need of a vacation. It is a strange thing to go on vacation… to leave your house, go somewhere far away (normally at the beach) and get recharged or de-stressed there, then come back and start over again.

We cramp our “rehabilitation” into a 1 or 2 week holiday and become relaxed and pumped for a next couple of moths worth of work, before you feel exactly the same again?

Although I am no exception here, I definitely feel this is not the way how things are supposed to be. Is life so taxing, tiring and just plain shit that we need to pay crazy amounts of money to get away from our busy lives, escape it and go to a place where we can once again become ourselves? Chances are we sleep for 50% of the vacation as part of the recovery process, not enjoying the vacation anyway.

Is life not supposed to already give us a sense of fulfillment and joy that ensures we’re not in such dire need of a vacation 3/4 times a year?

The problem is quite simple actually. People don’t live the lives they are supposed to live. They find themselves stuck in a life where they have a job they hate, or live in circumstances where it is so stressful and draining that the only solution is a holiday. I believe it should be every persons main goal in life to NOT live a life like this. I know this is easier said than done. Heck I am once again no exception, I hate my job… but luckily it has its good days and brings with it a list of advantages that allows me to live somewhere on that line. The line of balance between living a fulfilled life (on the one side) and an unfulfilled life (on the other side)

Where are you on this list? Are you so dependent on a holiday that you simply cannot function for longer than 6 months in your current job or life?

A possible way to find a solution, by taking small steps can be done as follows:

Keep your emotional tank filled

We each have an emotional tank that becomes empty and full as we live our daily lives. This tank signifies not only out emotions, but our general state of happiness, or being stressed or happy. An empty tank means you are stressed, angry , frustrated, in dire need of a vacation. A full tank means you are relaxed, patient, happy, etc.

A vacation is the ideal place where people get their tanks filled. The trick is to not let your tank become too low/empty in times of work and daily life. This will make it easier to cope with daily life, and also make the need to fill your tank again during a vacation less critical.


So the obvious question is how to you keep your tank filled. Well, I’ll talk about this more in the next post.