The 3 pillars of bitch is something I came up with a while back  call it when labeling the 3 states a person can find him/herself in that makes them an absolute nightmare to be around. Guys, this is something you need to know about your wife/ partner! In my case this is applicable to my wife. Each of these 3 states can affect anyone in various ways, some worse than others. I say this is with a definite sense of humor in regards to my wife 🙂 and of course we are all affected by these pillars in our own way.

As a guy the knowledge of the the 3 pillars has come in very handy when chatting to other guys struggling to keep their wife’s happy and in good spirits. Know the pillars and know how to address each one of them fast!

1. Hungry

Few things affect my wife than being hungry. Yes we all get hungry and we all get grumpy when we are hungry, but boy some people are really affected way more than others. If your other half is negatively affected by hunger then ensure there is ALWAYS something to eat in the house. Always!

2. Cold

Few people deal with being cold very well. Being cold (hungry) is at the top of the hierarchy of needs (surprise surprise the third pillar is as well). Hence when someone is very cold they struggle to function properly. Clear thinking, patience, love, humility etc. all fly out the window and the need to get warm and comfortable takes precedence over everything.

Double your disastrous situation by dealing with a hungry AND cold wife.

3. Tired

This is the final pillar, and as you would have probably expected is also one of our basic needs as human beings. A lack of good sleep especially followed by a long day, add perhaps a stressful day at work will make a tired person even more difficult to deal with.

In my experience it is when one is tired when starting an argument/fight is very easy, and if not treated carefully and with patience can easily escalate into a massive fight with you ending up on the couch. Ideally one of you should not be tired which would calm down the entire situation.

Combine them all

This is the worst possible situation you can ever find yourself in. If your other half is hungry, cold and tired… there is no limit to the damage that can be done to you, your relationship and your house. Dealing with one of them, or even two at the same time is still manageable if you are not tired, cold or hungry. But all 3 of them at once is a nightmare. Guaranteed.

Always ensure you steer clear of these 3 pillars of bitch. Try whatever you can to not fall into one of them yourself, as well as helping your spouse to always stay fed, warm and well rested.