I gave up smoking from the 5th of January this year. I can happily day that Today is day 14. I must say that it has been a lot less difficult than what I expected. This must be because of the time and preparation I did to prepare myself for this massive challenge.

Leo over at Zenhabits was instrumental to me quitting, and although I would not prefer to boast in any type of achievement yet (what is 14 days after 12 years of smoking?) I think I’ve done pretty well so far.

Here’s a few things I did…

1. I started thinking about quitting months ion advance. I’m not really sure if this helped, but from October onward I really started thinking about quitting. I made a point of asking myself why I still smoke, and whether I still enjoy it.

2. I set a date in my mind for when I wanted to quit. This date was a few months in advance. I knew the date was going to be 5th of January in the beginning of December already

3. I identified my triggers. Triggers are the things that make we want to smoke. These are (broadly) boredom, and my smoking ritual. Example: After a meal, just before I drive somewhere, during my afternoon coffee, etc. And Boredom… whenever I got bored I smoked. Lastly a massive trigger was being social with my friends, especially when I am drinking.

Now that I know my triggers, I can work on each one individually by living intentionally.

4. Live intentionally. With this I mean to say out loud, or at least in my mind the activity I am about to do that used to involve smoking. Example: Normally I would walk from my office to my car and have a smoke just before I got in and drove home. Now I live intentionally by saying to myself  “I am walking directly to my car, getting in and driving home”. Once I am in and the radio starts to play I almost forgot I didn’t have a smoke. And it gets easier every time.

I am unlearning old habits and replacing them with new ones by living intentionally.

These are the tips I could think of now… I will post my progress here regularly…