It is important to take a break from “life”. Things tend to get busy and really out of hand and it is at then when we need those additional hobbies or interests that keep us busy.

Sadly most of us are not in a job, or do not follow a career path that leaves us feeling fulfilled and living purpose driven lives. Well at least our daily jobs. Hence while this is an ongoing issue (actually doing something that gives you meaning, purpose and fulfills you) and something every person should work on, I like to balance things out by really enjoying my life apart from my job.

I’m talking about things like family, friends, personal interests and just plain fun things you like to do.

I decided to list a few of these interests that have been keeping me busy as of late. Things I really enjoy doing and spending my time on.

1. Playing HearthStone

Blizzard sure knows how to make games, and nothing could be more evident than the extremely fun and addictive game HearthStone. It is also available on your iPad, maybe oneday I will have one.

2. Tolkien collecting

Something I picked up recently. I love scouring the interwebs looking for 1st or collectors editions of anny of Tolkiens work. I started building quite a nice collection of books already. I can spend hours searching auction sites like ebay looking for a great deal. Here’a an image of a 1977 Guild Edition I have consisting of The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion.

Do you have something that can take the edge off a busy day and bring you back to a peaceful relaxed state? Whether it is your lovely wife, your friends, your home or a loving pet. I hope you have something that can add a little meaning to your life.