Sometimes things happen really fast and you have to simply go with it in order to get what you’ve always wanted.

I first heard the term “If the juice is worth the squeeze” in the movie “The Girl next door”. It basically comes down to that whenever you face a tough decision in your life you have to ask yourself if the effort in going ahead with it, or pursuing it is worth it. Hence “Is the juice worth the squeeze?”.

A situation like this popped into our lives rather unexpectedly and knowing that the juice is definitely worth it, we’re continuing to squeeze! I’m referring to a house that we really want to stay in that went on sale, and us putting in an offer. The last thing we should probably do now is buy a new house. But knowing that the juice is pure gold, we’re gonna squeeze as hard as we can to get this.

Sometimes in life you have to do something that may push you to the limit, be it physically, mentally, emotionally or even financially. Even if you are aware of whatever may go wrong, you are motivated and determined to go ahead and achieve, obtain, or beat the challenge!

For someone like me, that likes to calculate everything and always take the option with the lowest mount of risk, this is a scary thing. But, as I’ve said, it all comes down to one thing… whether the juice is worth the squeeze. Luckily after quite a few calculations and help from friends things look promising, even after we get the new house.

If you really want something bad, then don’t let calculations that advise you to stay away or the fear of failing prevent you from going ahead with it! Carpe diem baby!

Jumping off the edge, or getting out of the comfort zone is truly were things happen. Boy I’ve missed out on so many awesome opportunities and memories by staying put. No more!