So the year did not kick off exactly as I planned. I believe I am finally at the end of this dreaded stomach virus from Hell. But, I must say there has already been a greatly celebrated event that happened. This is my Birthday. Yup, I turned the big 33 on the 13th. My wife surprised me by organizing a family get together, which was awesome. Then, the next weekend I invited a few friends over to a special place and we celebrated, laughed, ate and drank. What more do you want?

I realized how luckily I really am. I feel so blessed. Not only do I have the best wife in the world with the best in-laws. I also have a list of friends that really kick ass! Friends that have really been with me through the most of my life, to friends that have joined recently. I am blessed. They are the ones that helped to shape me into the person that I am today. Without them, I can quite confidently say that I would have been a completely different person.
After one takes the time to reflect over these type of things, like Family and Friends, everything else that normally seems so important manages to fade away into the distance and lose its appeal or ability to stress me out. This is what matters, time with loved ones. Quality time. What is the purpose of having a nice job, making lots of money, having lots of gadgets, but you have no friends or family?
I have lost friends, I know. Friends come and go. Some only for a season and some for years. They key is to enjoy the ride. I’ve learned that fighting to stay in a fading friendhip tends to leave more scars than the amount of joy the friendship was worth to begin with. Then there’s friends I know I need to get to, catch-up. Re-connect. Friends that I know our journey is not quite over… yet.
I hope you have friends and family high on your list of things to prioritize this year. Without them, without true friendship and community life simply loses its zest.