If you’ve been reading the last few posts on here you will know that I am on a journey to become a more complete, healthy, purposeful (or enlightened if you will), individual. I have divided this into 3 categories, and I will provide a brief update here:
1.       Body
I’ve started to eat and live more healthy. From small things like drinking less coffee, to bigger things like exercising more often (Hey, it’s big for me ok J). From eating healthier foods, to staying away from that top deck slab, and the Debonair’s Pizza. I have now successfully cultivated the habit (See next section for cultivating a habit details) of drinking a smoothy in the morning, as well as cutting out a smoke or 2 a day (Breaking a habit). It’s small, but they all add up.
2.       Soul
My mind, my persona, my will. I am training my mind to be stronger. I am doing small exercises that makes my mind submit to my will. This is key in reaching any level of achievement in your life. If you cannot convince your mind to do things you don’t really want to do even if you know it is a good thing to do (like going to the gym) then you will never feel a sense of achievement. And we all know the continuous achievement of small or big, and relevant goals in your life is what leads to happiness.
3.       Spirit
This is the key area for me. My relationship with God and the Spirit inside me will balance all the others out .Ideally I want to be walking in the spirit more, which is having your mind submit to the will of the spirit, instead of submitting to my own will.
The highlight of this journey so far is the time I manage to spend doing all of these things with my wife. It is absolutely awesome. See the squash photo below: