I’ve been a Nightwish fan for a long time now. I’ve been with them from the beginning. Wishmaster, Oceanborn. The band was absolutely stunning. With Tarja as lead vocalist, the band had something I always wanted in Music… A Metal band with an Opera twist. Metal goes brilliantly with violins  an Orchestra, and the voice of Opera. Then came the bombshell… Tarja is leaving the band!

It took me quite a while to get over this, but eventually we all opened up to the new vocalist, Anette Olzon. The band would never be the same, but they still had something special. The next two albums were different, but it was still Nightwish.

Today I learned that once again the band is dropping the vocalist, Anette. I am not sure what the reasons are, but it sounds like there was a clash in direction for the band going forward.

So once again I am sitting with one of my favourite bands without a vocalist… I hope they can pull through this one… for the better!