Many people will be glad this year is over. But I am afraid not much is going to change going into 2021. With COVID-19 sweeping again across the country and the world I cannot see things go back to “normal” anytime soon. What is normal anyway? The new normal of working from home and wearing masks is already just the norm. Many so badly just want to go back to the “old-norm”, while others are looking for a new-new-norm.

All I know is the current norm is not that good for me.

This was a very long. I may have gone through it mostly unscathed on a financial and job perspective; but with regards to other factors such as family, our home, friends and personal sanity it was tough. really tough.

I’ve worked harder than ever before, more hours, more stress.

I’ve seen my family more than ever before.

I’ve seen my friends less than ever before.

I am determined to make 2021 the year where everything stabilizes. Things need to go back to normal for me and my family. I am not sure what this means exactly yet, but “change” will be needed.