I was blown away by this talk.


5 Hindrances:
– Sensual desire: From senses, as you climb you get distracted, hunger, etc.
– Ill will/aversion – negative emotions, dislike against something/ situation / person. In climbing mountain you need to get wet and you don’t like getting wet. Let go that ill will.
– Heaviness of Body/ Dullness of mind. No motivation, lack of energy. Depression. Imprisonment.
– Restlessness: mind cannot settle in present moment. Worrying about future or travelling into the past. Monkey mind jumping from one branch/idea to the other
– Sceptical doubt: state of mind that is indecisive, getting lost, self doubt. What will others say?

What to do to improve:
Recognize – what state you are in
Accept – yourself – others
Investigate – Why did it come up? If I remain in this state?
Non-Identity – I am not the body, mind emotion