The lockdown in South Africa has been extended. We are not going to be in lockdown for a total 5 weeks, if it does not get extended again.

I get the feeling that everyone is starting to feel a bit apprehensive on the ability of the people, the government and the country to beat this thing in a bit more than 2 weeks. We’ve skipped the mass infections but we’ve also not been able to stop the 90-100 odd new cases every day. Some say it speaks to our ability to actually measure accurately. Some say we are doing very well, some say we have no idea how bad we are doing.

As for me, I am now into my new routine at home. And dare I say I enjoy it. Yes I am working more hours, more work. But my family is right here. Let’s make the best of this.

We are truly going to look back at this and miss it.

Let us not fight among ourselves now. Let us draw closer. Be the better person. Give. Help. Serve.