There’s something that has always bothered me about the Enneargram (the latest personality test everyone is raving about) tests. Actually I have the same resistance towards all personality type tests. Which brings me to my point: I’m not a 5 I’m a 6.

Since the day I was labelled a 5 (5 – investigator/quiet specialist) it felt mostly like this is exactly who I am. But the more I read about it and the more I started seeing other 5’s I felt that this is not entirely who I am. I’m not THAT recluse, I’m not THAT shy and introvert. I don’t hide away THAT much in my thoughts. I’m not THAT obsessed with being by myself and acquiring knowledge.

I felt that by being a 5 there is some truths that definitely hold true but others are not so accurate and don’t apply to me. I felt so with all the Enneargram types. But guess what? The characteristic of doubting labels and not liking being put into a category is a typical characteristic of a 5. So I begrudgingly accepted being a 5 and left it at that.

Years later I revisited my type here and decided to get back into it. But still, it just didn’t feel right. Not until I read about some of the other types that I had a eureka moment and realized that the Enneargram types are not accurate most of the time, and if it is there is no guarantee that it will stay this way. It’s like reading your star-signs: whatever you read broadly applies to all people, whereas some things will be exactly on point and others not so much.

Reading about the type 6 (Loyalist) I instantly had way more “yes, this is me” moments than the 5. But still those few points of the 5 also hold true. Isn’t the point of being a complete whole human being to be ALL Enneargram types? I am therefor a 5 and a 6. Is it accurate to say that as we reach higher consciousness we evolve/grow into more types at the same time?