I can hardly believe the 3rd month of 2017 is already over! How the last few months gave flown by. For the last 5 months my life has been all bout one thing: My son. Everything else took a backseat and while some aspects may have came back into the fore a bit it pretty much kept the same focus through out: Life as a dad.

A lot has happened over the last 5 months (apart from becoming a father).

  • I moved departments at work and with a new department comes new challenges. As much as I am enjoying these new challenges there is that grey-old-boring-comfort-seeking part of me that yearns back to the days of being bored at work with no challenges or risks. I read earlier today that “Travel is probably overrated. Expanding your comfort zone isn’t.” As much as I love travelling I am all about comfort as well. The new department was a necessary move and I realized that I am good at creating stability, comfort and no-risk out of situations that typically have instability, discomfort and risk. And in the IT industry this is a good thing to be able to do.


  • The wife started a new business in line with baby development. As an instructor she will be able to give classes on how to more effectively grow/enhance your babies development.  Very exciting and it is always great to see her passionate about something and be in a position where she can follow that passion.


  • We managed to break away for a long weekend and visited a SANParks park that we’ve been keen on visiting: Marekele National Park. Were huge game-park/ nature reserve fans and nothing beats an early morning game drive!


  • I manage to get my fitness back on track and with vitality as a motivator I am making my way to the gym 3 times a week doing a “vigorous exercise”. For those who know doing this is not an easy task. For my age I have to average a heart beat of 150 or higher for 30 minutes. The challenge now is to get to the part of doing some weight training so I can look better but the darn vigorous exercise is making me so tired I hardly have enough energy left for 1 bicep-rep. #firstworldproblems


  • My reading plans for 2017 still hasn’t kicked off since day 1. I just cant keep awake long enough while reading. I’ve been looking at Mr.Tutu and the Dalai Lama (The book of joy) staring back at me from my bedside table for almost 3 months now…


  • I started helping my cousin out with web-design and it is a nice break away from my normal work, and its a nice extra bit of cash. I always loved designing websites but never managed to turn it into a primary source of income. This way is perfect: He passes work my way when he’s too busy and I do it when I have some free time in the evenings.


  • I really started too appreciate free time (and sleep). With a 5 month old in the house and a wife that looks after him during most of the week I really need to plan my gaming sessions, series watching and “me time”. Free time is a rare commodity. Being able to utilize/appreciate free time even more so! Life falls apart with too little sleep. Not only do you fight more often with your partner, you simply can’t function as a human when you’ve not slept enough. You can’t appreciate a day off, you can’t go out and enjoy a gym session, you’re not present, and you definitely can’t enjoy each others company. People need sleep. Luckily we’ve nailed the team-work between the two of us and we manage to avoid both of us being sleep-depraved at the same time.


Saying all o this is feel so utterly and completely blessed and fortunate. We have a healthy boy who is lighting up our lives every day with his smile and presence in our lives. Who would have thought… who would have thought indeed.