I generally stay away from politics but as of late I can’t keep myself from reading up on what America’s new president is doing/saying. With Donald Trump in charge of the white house every day is loaded with controversy and confusing executive orders, protests and Americans in disbelief. Being from South Africa  we’re pretty used to a president saying controversial, shocking and sometimes just plain dumb things. But to see this coming from America is pure comedy.

I’ve  never in my life seen a President say the things Trump is saying so publicly and so shamelessly.  Bear in mind this is actually him broadcasting these messages, threats, insults and plans on Social Media. He is single handedly destroying foreign relations with just about every country he doesn’t approve of. He’s insulting whomever he wants and even dealing out national threats via Twitter. He’s shamelessly promoting his business interest and “in-pocket” news agencies (Fox).

Take the following tweets as example:

Is this a leader? Is this how a president should behave? I grew up believing quite differently. This is not a leader. More shockingly you have to wonder whats going on win the minds of the masses that voted him to power. That is the question. That is the topic I want to delve deeper into. So what is he doing:

  • He’s motivated
  • He’s direct
  • He’s arrogant
  • Try as much as he wants to dissprove it, it’s glaringly obvious that he has a superiority/borderline racist complex over other races especially muslim, mexican and females.
  • He’s bringing back jobs to the U.S
  • He’s keeping out illegal immigrants
  • He’s removing free healthcare
  • He’s signing oil deals and other industrial business orders bringing oil into the U.S
  • He’s probably going to ban gay marriage
  • He’s probably going to ban abortion

Many of my own friends and family support Trump and what he stands for. This confuses me. How is this possible? What could  possibly make a logical person who is even moderately decent and loving follow or support such a person?

Let’s for a moment forget that he is arrogant, greedy, fascist and borderline racist. Then looking at the above reasons alone seem quite noble right? He’s creating jobs. He’s keeping the “bad guys” out. Even the last 2 points will seem fine if you are so orientated in what you believe. The last two are only speculated at this stage. But here’s the thing, trump is doing these things at the expense of so many other things. He’s bringing back jobs at the expense of so many already existing companies (most of them U.S based) who will lose overseas production. He’s keeping illegal immigrants out but he’s doing so in a very racially and discriminating manner. He’s  removing free healthcare crippling the poor even more, he’s bringing in oil with no regard to climate change, nature, damage to the earth or people in his way.


He’s like a huge train blasting through anyone and anything that does not fit HIS idea of what “American” means or are included in the term “America”. 

  • Being Mexican is not included in his version of America
  • Being Muslim is not included in his version of America
  • Creating jobs outside of the U.S is not included in his version of America
  • Female equality is not included in his version of America
  • Protecting the earth is not included in his version of America
  • Gay marriage is not included in his version of America

Basically if you are a  white male conservative christian you can relax ’cause Trumps is your man and has your interest at heart. I was unaware that so many people share the same ideas/beliefs as above. Shockingly. I can’t believe how some people that are Christian would support such a person. They can turn a blind eye towards all the above and ignore it and keep on supporting him because “finally we have a president who’s looking after MY needs”. A very selfish mentality. Humanity is becoming a tired  fed-up selfish bunch of people who are only invested in their own needs, safety, comfort and profit.
Gone are the days where we’re feeding the poor (free healthcare), extending a helping hand to the homeless (immigrants) and loving all. Love all. LOVE ALL. Is this concept becoming so foreign that we’re all turning into selfish hypocritical racist versions of what it means to be a Jesus follower?

I’m sorry but I cannot openly call myself a Christian or a follower of Jesus AND say I follow/support Trump. I cannot associate myself with his concept of what it means to  be a Christian. This is nothing like the Jesus I know. The Jesus I know doesn’t insult people, build walls, dish out threats, take advantage and lie to ensure his own needs are met.

Through-out all this I realized how many people are together with Trump Fascists. Now remember Hitler was a fascist but you don’t have to be Hitler to be a fascist. Hitler was fascist but he was much more as well. Here’s a pretty clear definition: Being a fascist is a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition

The only question I have left is: Are you a fascist?