BBC released the trailer for the upcoming Planet Earth II and I must say it moved me. I’ve long known that there is a special place in my heart for nature animals and life. Life. Yes. That’s it. I touched on it in my previous post about making a difference in this world: respect life. ¬†Before I continue please watch the video below:


Pretty amazing no? There is something about animals and the life within them that is really really cool. I’m not sure I have the words to convey exactly how I feel…but it has something to do with love. Seeing these amazing visuals not only gives me hope for the world but leaves me with a sense of excitement! Hope for humanity that we won’t completely fuck up this planet. Excitement in learning and seeing some pretty epic animals! ¬†It dawned on me now more than ever that we as humans need to get behind motives and movements that support animals rights, support companies and ventures that protect and look after our precious earth!

It moved me. What moves you? When last were you moved? Finding things that move you and actually doing it/watching it is just as important as finding the one, working at a great company, doing stuff that you love.

Let us be moved. Let’s cry a bit. Let’s laugh.