If there was one form of art that I could acquire and be a master at it then I would probably choose the art if drawing. the funny thing is I never used to draw anything myself, or even show glimpses of this ‘creative’ side. So admitting this desire is strange even for me. But,, for as long as I can remember I’ve been following the artwork of artists that I love and respect. I can list them all by name, and I will shortly.

There is something in these pieces of art that speaks to me, it touches my soul and make me want to escape the the fantasy world I so often experience in my PC games. Here’s a few of my favorite artists. some have already passed on, while others are now called digital impressionists.

Frank Frazetta

I absolutely loved the work of Frank Frazetta, especially his Death Dealer series…


study___frank_frazetta__2___death_dealer_by_spellsword95-d5n55jh frank_frazetta_death-dealer-ii

Gerard Brom

His work may be considered a bit “disturbed” and dark, but I love it!

Gerald Brom (47) Gerald Brom (69) Gerald Brom

Stanley Lau

He’s one of the most recent additions to my list of loved artists.

Artgerm Stanley Lau 1 Artgerm Stanley Lau 7

Artgerm Stanley Lau 6 Artgerm Stanley Lau 4

John Howe

Famous Tolkien artist. His drawings have become synonymous to the work of Tolkien.

Smaug The-Dark-Tower

The-Bridge-of-Khazad-dum 004-Sam--Shelob-port

GandalfTheGrey Moria

Luis Royo

A previous favorite of mine…

luis-royo-21 c226fd9721f97340b82023bd291d7294 Luis-Royo-mature-content-fantasy-art-4933099-1235-1000