To know yourself. This is one of the greatest challenges that exist is it not?  So many wise men, guru’s, yogi,s spiritual leaders and mentors have stressed the importance of knowing yourself. The journey of discovering the amazing wonders, potential, powers and unraveling the mysteries of the inner-self, the mind.

This has been an ongoing journey for me for as long as I can remember. I’ve always read, researched, studied myself. Another example is God. throughout my entire life the one topic I’ve spent the most time and energy on is finding, understanding, experiencing God.


Thanks to a recent Enneagram test I did with my wife many of the mysteries within me started to make sense. things about my motives, personality and actions started to make sense. It was as if fresh and unheard words were given to me that beautifully describes why I am the way I am. I am going to share a few of these motivations I learned:

One definite example is my ongoing mission to always “want to know” and discover. My motivational need to understand and study something and absorb information. There is no end to this, this desire will not fade once everything is known. I will either move onto a new topic, or simply delve deeper. Case in point: Knowing thyself and God. this explains why I love trying to always understand, know, feel God and know myself.

Another thing that stood out was my need for unity and harmony. I kinda knew this one already. but I again realized how important it is for me to stand FOR those things that I feel creates unity and harmony in a situation, environment, friendship, community and country. The danger is to not only stand AGAINST the things that oppose my idea of harmony and unity, but to stand FOR it.

I have a desire to be independent and autonomous. Up to the point where I will do without, or with less in order to remain so. This may reveal itself in a minimalist way in my life and my surroundings. I cannot even begin to explain how spot-on this evaluation was. I am a recent proponent of minimalism and have been embracing the idea for the last couple of months of my life.

The list goes on and on. But for now these 3 have given me enough time and thinking-space to occupy me fora while.