Do you have a place where you can sit down, lie, think, read, or be alone that is exclusive to you and you alone? I’ve been trying the “meditation” thing, or “quiet time” (call it whatever you will) at home and I realized that it is not as easy as it sounds, especially if you do not live alone, or do not have a space in your house specifically dedicated for this purpose.

If you do not live alone you would much rather spend your free time with your wife, or loved one or whoever else is in the house. Or you fill up your free time with watching TV, playing games instead of making the time to be alone, quiet, and meditate. To have successful quiet time, you have to know that:

1. It is important, so prioritize it. Make time for it in your schedule.
2. Create a space in your house dedicated specifically for this.

I’d like to talk more on point number 2. If you do not have such a dedicated space, I’ve found it very difficult to actually succeed in cultivating the habit of meditating, or having quiet time. If you attempt to do it in front of the TV, the temptation is there to switch on the TV, and watch sport. If you do it in your bedroom, the temptation is there to sit on your bed and before you know it you’ve taken a nap.

If you have the self discipline to succeed in spite of your surroundings, then well done. I’m not at this point yet. I realized that I need space in the house where the only thing I do there is spend time reading, thinking, meditating and praying. Let’s call it my holy space. Nothing else happens there. Be it a desk in the corner of the house, or a bench outside, the point is that this space is yours. It is not a space where laundry gets dumped, or where your partner leaves her own books, no. This is off limits to whoever is in the house.

I believe that once you have a space that is yours and yours alone, then only will you feel more dedicated, or motivated to actually have your quiet time.

Maybe this is a guy thing, I don’t know.