How often do we have good ideas but we never go ahead with them because we find some reason that makes sense at that stage to not do it.

I’ve had countless business ideas that can make money, or assist in my journey of being financially free. But, every time I have not gone ahead with it because I find reasons such as “Ah its already been done” or “It will never work”. So, I decided to stop with the excuses and go ahead with it.
If you know what you passion is and you pursue it then chances are you are already 90% better at it than the average person out there. THAT, is a major step forward into making your passion a success, perhaps on a financial level as well.

A great example here is my brother, He is a fanatic runner. He’s done about 15+ Comrades Marathons and 3 Iron Man championships. Hence everything that goes with running is a natural passion for him. This is how he started using Compression socks. You know, these socks, calve and quad sleeves runners wear that has a major list of advantages. But, my brother loved a specific brand, that in his expert opinion is the best, Compressport. He then contacted the owner and asked about importing into South Africa, and BooOOoom! 1 year later he has his own business! Check his website here! An idea, that could have easily been thwarted by a silly excuse.

So I decided to go ahead with 2 business ideas I’ve had for quite some time now, the one is brand new and still a work in progress. A website that contains very user friendly tutorials, news and reviews regarding all Apple products. A site where you can go to when you for example purchase a new iPhone and have no idea on how to get music into it, or how to enable the neat smiley faces and “emoticons”. Have a look at the website:

Secondly is Website design. I do this part time, but I create website for people. Have a look and spread the word:

I can spend hours with these two things, creating websites, writing reviews, time simply flies by. I’ve been preaching so much about passion and purpose, and I think it is about time I start following my own advise!