In my journey to be a more fulfilled, optimistic, healthy and spiritually complete person, I’ve posted a few things here that I have already started doing. Briefly, they tackled the one category so far which is health. I mentioned things like eating and drinking health conscious, going to the gym more often, etc.

The other thing I am going to focus on is to be more happy. Sounds easy right. Just be more happy? Happiness is not something that just happens and then you are in it forever, no, it is a state of being that constantly needs to be protected and kept. You need to work to stay in a state of happiness. Robin Sharma said this in his book “The Monk who sold his Ferrari”:

The happiness you are searching for comes through reflecting on the worthy aims you are dedicated to achieving and then take action daily to advance them.

So by constantly working towards worthy goals, and achieving them, only then with this sense of achievement are you progressing into a constant state of happiness.

This makes a few things clear to me;

1) We need goals. If you don’t know where you are going you’ll probably end up somewhere else.
2) These goals need to be worthy goals, by worthy I mean something that you really thought about. A goal that is not necessarily a chase after material things like a car or a house, but something more lasting, like a skill, or a change in character, or a discovery of some kind.
3) You need to track your progress. Yup, pretty obvious

Setting up these goals are not so easy. It takes time. Time to reflect on your own life and the things you really want to achieve in your life. These goals normally go hand in hand with your purpose. Purpose is something I will chat about more in my next post. But for now, I am actively working on 2 aspects towards my journey of higher enlightenment, if you want to call it that.

1) Healthy Body
2) Healthy Soul
3) Healthy Spirit