Here we go, ready set go! 2016 was a really crap year for many people. If you watch the recap videos made by companies and new agencies then you get the idea it was a  pretty shitty  year for most people and countries around the world. But I have to agree 2016 was a really good year for me. A great year as a matter of fact! It makes you feel like the odd one out around a conversation where everyone is glad the tough year is over yet yours was pretty cool.

Nevertheless, 2016 is in the past and you can check my recap of the year here. Now we’re looking ahead  and as per  usual here’s  my breakdown of goals and aspirations for 2017:


  • Consume less sugar: Sugar  is probably the biggest addiction I am still struggling with,and sugar and coffee. This year I would love to cut out the chocolates especially.
  • Gym 3/4 times a week: I’d  like to continue with my cycling exercise routine. It went pretty  well for the most of  2016 but sadly the wheels  came off towards the end. Added to the cycling I really want to start building/cutting some muscle again.
  • Do stretching exercises: After a fitness assessment late 2016  my flexibility was horrible. I need to incorporate stretching before and after every exercise.
  • Grow  as a conscious consumer: I want to take this to the next level this year. As a family we want to buy locally produced products only and if possible not from big chain stores. We love  to support  the little  local guy.
  • Keep  using our Foodstate Vitamins. We spend a lot of money on vitamins. A lot. But once you educate yourself on the matter you quickly  realize  buying vitamins that work isn’t cheap. We’ve  never been healthier after upping our game with proper  vitamins, and we’re not  regretting a cent  spent.



  • Maintain work life balance: I’m content with my career where it is at the moment. I worked really  hard to get the balance of life and work as it is  at  the moment. It’s just perfect at  the moment. Nobody likes to work but nobody can afford to sit  at home and play computer games every day. This balance is my pride and joy and I treasure it and guard it with my life.
  • That said I would like to pursue other streams of income. Currently I have a few projects rolling, some slower than others. this is a post on its own where I’ll go through my plans for financial independence.



  • To be financially free. I gave a detailed breakdown of my plan here, and it  remains the same for 2017. Keep living costs the same year-in-year-out: This means staying in the same small yet perfectly fine home. Driving the same car, etc. Buy less crap: Living minimalist is helping here. More is less. We don’t need that extra lamp, couch, bed, set of plates, clothes, shoes, clutter. Budget for nice-to-haves: Very difficult one for me and my wife as we love going away. Our travel and holiday costs are very high. Become less dependent on a monthly salary: Big one. the only way this can work is to start generating enough passive income from side-projects and investments. Invest money: Whether it is in stocks, life insurance, bonds, property or a savings account.



  • Treasure my inner circle: I want to focus more on the friends that are already in my life and build deeper more meaningful friendships with these people. I am blessed with many amazing friends and there’s  always room to grow with them.Family falls into this inner circle automatically which is often the problem. This year I want to strengthen family bonds even more. I made a list of specific people I have in mind that I   really feel I want to grow with more this year.



  • Read more: I really dropped the ball with my reading over  the last period. I want to go back to sitting on a couch and reading a book. A physical book with pages that can turn.
  • Play more PC games. This something I will never let go or stop doing. PC games. I list it  every year so I can remember how important it is  to me. This makes me who I am, it relaxes me, gives me peace and helps to center me.
  • Be the best Dad ever. I know I will fail  with this one and probably already failed miserably in a few things, but I will  continue to grow and learn and become the best dad possible  for  my Son. This will probably the most time consuming,  challenging, fun, joyful and entertaining goal for the year.
  • Do a 1 day and weekend hike with the wife and my son
  • Travel. This year we have a few destination lined up, and we would love to make some more precious memories.
  • Learn how to design/create my first iOS  application. I already have an idea I just  need to learn now to do it.



  • With a son as  part of our family spending the same amount of quality time with the wife will be challenging. I will accept this challenge and make use of all the offers from grandparents  to look after the little one while  we have a date night. We are blessed enough to be able to cash in on these efforts.
  • Spoil  my wife. The bonus in spoiling my wife is it basically spoiling me. Our values are aligned which means we’re going out to a new restaurant, traveling, exploring the outdoors, etc.