I came across this old post of mine where I listed some pretty important things and I thought it’s about time I give this some more attention. This was part of the initial minimalism journey I started a while back. I made a list of things I know I have to do in order to have joy, be myself and be centered. Let’s have a look and give a quick update…

Am I living my values? I guess you have to know what your values before you can answer this one. In a nutshell your values are the things you are most passionate about in life, the things you spend the most time, money and thought on, those things you also tend to surround yourself with. For more info check here. To answer the question: Yes I am. At least   my top value is getting more than enough attention at the moment, but this may change soon as I am about to become a Dad. Yup. “They” are warning me… free time will be gone!

Am I thankful for at least 1 thing every day? To be honest days go by where I am not openly thankful for something. This does not change the fact that I am very thankful for many things. But, the idea is to openly be thankful for something every day even if you know you already are thankful. By verbalizing it you are cementing the gratefulness and being thankful into your mind which will make the times when reasons appear to not be so grateful are less ungrateful.

Do I live In the moment? Tricky one as I am sure we all have moments when we do and do not live in the moment. Yet I feel this is something I have gotten the hang of. It’s so easy to constantly want to be, do or think somewhere/thing else, which completely removes you from your current situation and is thus being referred to as not being in the moment.

Am I eating healthy? Not really, but I noticed that when I start comparing (Ooohh.. yes I’m comparing) my diet with other people then we’re not really doing that bad? Yes I can much down a chocolate slab in 1 minute, but overall during the week we follow a very low-sugar, low meat, healthy diet. See previous post on becoming a conscious consumer here. We tend to stay away from processed foods, junk-food, take-aways, meat, sugary drinks and low-fat foods.

Do I visit the gym 4 times a week? I’m getting there. 3 times definitely and with the motivation to meet my vitality goals I am in the best shape of my life, well maybe not life but definitely the last 10 years.

Am I making this world a better place? I would hope so, but this is a huge challenge and a constant motivation to one day achieve. I don’t think you will ever “know” if you are making the world a better place, but hey it is something I am willing to work at for the rest of my life.

Have I discovered God? Phew what a loaded question. But it is definitely something I am working on. Where to begin? It is s never ending journey. Not merely enough time to post about it here. This is worth post on its own.

Am I playing PC games regularly? Yup. No problem here. Luckily I have a great wife who understands values and the importance of them (She introduced me to it). It basically boils down to this: the more time you spend with your own with values the happier you will be inside and fulfilled as a person, more whole. when this happens it makes you a great person to be with, a great friend to others and an even better husband or wife.

Am I contributing meaningfully to Others’ lives? This ties in with am I making this world a better place. I would hope I am… but the proof is in the pudding I guess.

Am I spending more time with loved ones? I want to…and I know I’m not spending as much time as I would like. Certain friends take preference because it’s  easier, and others less. challenging thing matter this is. But spending more times with loved ones is a big…BIG value for me.