Herewith my highlights of 2018. Scanning through them I tried looking for a one-word theme as usual. This year was loaded with so many things happening, good things. I learned that ‘good’ is not always the ‘right’ thing to do. Good is the enemy of the ‘best’ a some say. And with this lesson comes my theme of the year: Priorities. 

I don’t regret any of the things mentioned below, but now I know that I didn’t prioritize things correctly this year. With priorities all messed up things can quickly get out of control and messy. I need to take better care of myself this year. It sounds selfish, and given the time I love spending with my family I realized I naturally put my own needs after theirs. The long term effect of not enough attention to my own needs means I become a bad version of myself. I move to that negative side of what an Enneargram 5 is. It is not pretty.

Here’s some truly magic moments of 2018: