I love collecting things. From books, to coins, to old card game cards, to comics. This is something I love doing. But more specifically stuff that gains value over the years.

As I go through my old stuff I realize that things I’ve gathered over the years have jumped in value quite a bit. Some of these things made me try and collect the rest of them, if it is a book collection for example. Others simply made me take care of them more carefully.

Here’s a few things I am collecting, and have collected over the years. Who would have thought that these things would ever be considered collectible?

1. Tolkien Books

I posted a bit about this previously. This is without a doubt my most fun collectible item at the moment. I love anything Tolkien. I’ve been reading up on the various editions that are worth  A LOT of money. Although I’m not nearly in that league (A first edition copy of the Hobbit can go for $100 000) I focus on those that I can afford.
I have the complete Guild Edition (below) as well as a First edition Copy of the UK Silmarillion. Whoop!

2. Nelson Mandela R5 coins and other coins

At one stage this was the fastest appreciating coin in the world. Plus this is an easy thing to do. Whenever I come across a R5 coin, I check if this is a Nelson Mandela coin. You can also buy them on any trading site in South Africa.

3. Magic The Gathering Cards

By pure chance I saw a guy find a first edition card worth $30 000. I played Magic way back in 1999 and I still have all my cards. I’ll be going through them familiarizing myself with the valuable cards.

4. Pokemon Cards

Same as above, who would have thought that a simple Pokemon card game can sell cards now for more than a $10 000! I’m busy going through my collection I built up in the late 90’s identifying the valuable cards.

5. Lone Wolf Adventure Books 

This is an ongoing collection of mine. I was a huge fan of the Joe Dever Lone Wolf adventure books when I grew up. Some of these books can go for $200 already. I still short a few books to complete my collection from 1-28.

One day I will hit it lucky and one of these collections will be worth millions! Hehe!