I read this on one of the motivational blogs that I read weekly and decided that this is an activity worth implementing in my life.

In today’s world we are always on the move, in a hurry, late, or rushed. Life passes us by in such a hurry and before you know it it’s weekend, month-end, year-end. We need to learn to appreciate life more.  We need to learn to slow down, be in the moment, experience the here and the now.

Carpe Diem!

One way to do this is to start treating every activity you do like a sacred ritual. Here’s the excerpt from the blog:

Every single thing we do can be done as an afterthought, like something you’re just getting through to get to something more important … or it can be elevated to something sacred, like performing sacred rites. Washing your hands? Take a moment to realize how much of a miracle this act is (many people don’t have water for basic hygiene), take a breath, and truly pay attention as you go through this sacred hand-washing ritual. Do your dishes the same way: every dish a miracle, every sensation elevated to a new importance, every drop of water a gem worth paying attention to. This applies to every activity: writing, responding to an email, listening to a friend, playing with your child, taking a shower, going for a walk, paying bills. Worthy of your full attention, worthy of joy and appreciation.

It would probably be easier to start with a few activities first. Like when you make coffee or dinner for yourself. Why not take the time, do it properly and treat it like a ritual. Then maybe your morning ritual of getting up, showering and getting dressed. Why not do it properly. If you look good you feel good.

Goal: Be more present, experience life more
Strategy: Treat every activity as a sacred ritual