This year there’s much to look forward to. I am rested after a great break and motivated to improve on all my goals and plans I had in 2018.S

This year I want to get back to basics and make myself no.1 again. I need to look better after myself. A healthy me is the best gift I can give anyone, especially my family. Yes I need to focus on my kid, wife, family, friends, etc. but this year it is ME first. I am excited to see how a healthy me will flow into the other areas and automatically help with those.

I’m the type of person that can put myself and my own needs way at the back of the priority list and simply keep on going…for years. I guess I am now feeling the effects of “sacrificing” my own needs for the sake of another task/event/idea that I still like but its not what I primarily need.

Here’s a few examples:

Playing with my son in the park is something I intensely enjoy but sometimes what I really need is to sit alone at home with a cup of coffee and simply do nothing for 1 hour.

Going on a date night with wifey is always fun but sometime all I need is to go sit in front of my PC and disappear for a while.

It all brings me back to me Enneargram results. I am a 5. This is what I need.