I started doing a Buddhism course on Udemy and it’s been pretty cool so far (started showing interest way back here). The further I get with the comprehensive course the more questions I have, but the revelations have been very interesting. Here’s some observations:

  • The current Buddha is Siddharta Gautama Buddha, but he died 500 BC?
  • There can be more then 10000 Buddhas at any given time, but if you try ti find any living Buddha’s currently on earth it is a massive rabbit hole.
  • There are lots of guys claiming to be a Buddha, but its open for debate?


  • A Buddha can be a silent Buddha or a teaching Buddha. A Teaching Buddha will only appear when the Dharma of the previous Buddha is no longer alive (estimated to be every 5000 years)
  • The 3 Jewels of Buddhism are 1) The Buddha 2) His Dharma and 3) TheĀ  Sanga (the collective of people)
  • The 4 noble truths to Buddhism are 1) Suffering exists, 2) There is a cause to suffering, 3) There is an end to suffering and 4) The 8th fold noble path

I’ll be updating this as I progress. Do it!