I finally had some time to read one of the many books lying on my bedside table and as mentioned previously, here’s an update on A new Earth by Eckhart Tolle.

The book is in a very eloquent and challenging way stating exactly what I’ve felt for so long. When looking at all the religions without the glasses of that specific religion things open up completely and you see things fall into place. You see the role of the Ego…Flesh…Devil… and how this is preventing us from living the lives we’re intended to live being present, balanced, love, peace.

One thing is certain and that is our greatest challenge as humans is to live in the present moment. We’re constantly living in the past and the future. We’re thinking back to past events, past memories, and future things to do, things we want in the future, etc. It completely removes us from being here, now, present.

Little did I know this book would play such an interesting role during our last holiday to the Kruger Park. The last paragraph read often became a topic of conversation and not only was this very interesting to me but it really challenged us all to stay present and “see the tree without naming it”; an exercise in being present and not to give in to the desires of the Ego that always want to know, want to be right, want to learn, want to move on, want to see whats next.

To only sit and observe.

I still have many questions, especially the spiritual aspect of the entire matter. Where does being present get you eventually? Why do you want to be present?

Here’s a pretty cool picture of a young Hyena I took. A photographer in the making hey? Also see the pretty cool pic of the Wild Dog (a pair we followed for almost an hour)