There is a song being played in the world, a ever ongoing song that can be heard throughout every corner of the entire universe. Every living being either moves to or against the rhythm of this song whether they know it or not. We are part of this song, part of this rhythm. Like an orchestra playing in a majestic opera house performing this song. The universe is the audience. Each of us form a single member of this massive orchestra. Just as humanity is part of one race we are all in the orchestra of life.

We’re each equipped with the musical note-book and an instrument. The note-book  shows us exactly how to play  this song. The goal of every member is (together with the other members) to play perfectly to the note-book and make no mistakes. Playing this song to perfection is no easy task. As a matter of fact it’s not known if this is even possible. Moving in perfect tune and rhythm to the song can be a life long journey. In order for us to be in perfect tune every member  of the orchestra needs to play the correct notes and move in the exact right rhythm at the precise moment.  If we move in perfect rhythm then the song is perfect, life is in balance. God is present. Then there is no darkness. Life is in abundance. Enlightenment is reached.

Playing an instrument and moving with or against the rhythm of this song is living. You can’t not play. You are alive and thus you are playing.  We’ve been playing since the day we were born. Some people taught us how to play, while others were left untaught and need to start learning at a very late stage.

There is no conductor coordinating us. This makes playing perfectly in unison very challenging. A few exceptionally talented people have played the role of conductor in the past. They were brilliant in teaching and leading the orchestra into the correct rhythm and notes. Sadly there’s been very few of them. Not all members wanted to follow these conductors as some chose to follow their own abilities or their own personal conductors who promised to teach them more accurately how to play and move in rhythm. Sometimes this method worked, other times not.

Being in and/or out of rhythm with the song has certain advantages and/or disadvantages.

There’s much more I can say about the rhythm of life. I’m still figuring it out. But this I know… the universe and all its secrets, joys, purpose, meaning and life can be experienced and known when life is in rhythm with the universe.