J.R.R. Tolkien remains one of my favorite writers/authors/story tellers and I have a long list of quotes I have from his work. My favorite quotes. Quotes that make me think, quotes that motivate me and force me into action. I’m tempted to share all of them here at once but will try and put into words what each quote means to me, or my own story surrounding each quote.

Tolkien quote and lesson for today:

Good guy Gandalf. I love this quote. It is one of the more popular ones from Tolkien. This quote is aimed at Hobbits who are as we all know the central race of the entire Hobbit and Lord of the Rings fantasy trilogies. This quote inspires me to do ordinary deeds of kindness knowing it has an effect and that it matters. No matter how small the deed, it matters. Its not the big popular rich important people that can make differences in this world, it is us… the ordinary small folk.

It is so easy to get bogged down and feel depressed in a world that is destroying this planet, raging war against itself, and have no love for nature, animals and life. But, this quote enables me to lift my head, look up and step forward out of my sadness with a clear and positive hope that my small deeds are making a difference. Like Sam sticking with Frodo,  like Bilbo sticking with the Dwarves. So many times these honorable hobbits showed character above any other with the smallest of deeds. A kind gesture, a smile or a word  of encouragement.

Take heart dear friend and know that every deed matters. Maybe not to you but there’s always someone out there that is in desperate need for something you can give freely. You matter.