There is a character in World of Warcraft called Illidan Stormrage. He is one of the most popular anti-heroes in the entire World of Warcraft history making his first official appearance in Warcraft the strategy game. Later he played a more prominent role in the World of Warcraft Expansion “The Burning Crusade”.

He is known for the phrase, “You are not prepared“.

This phrase has become synonymous with any PC gamer when preparing to battle an opponent and the need is there to strike fear into their heart and kick some serious ass! It is also a state you as the gamer constantly find yourself in when playing any game because eventually you will find yourself where you are “not prepared”. It is with this in mind when I thought about becoming a dad, and taking care of a baby. I am not prepared! Or so it felt. Although the idea of becoming a dad and having to take care of a baby may cause the odd panic attack every now and then there is a certain sense of “this is how it is supposed to be” within me that gives me the peace I need to calm down. Will we ever be fully prepared? Never. Our parents figured stuff out for themselves, there was no Google. There is a sense of instinct and self discovery that we need to use.

Fast forward 3 weeks later and our Son is now with us and happily eating and sleeping as a new member of our family. check my first post here.

Do I feel more prepared now? Maybe. I forgot about one crucial factor that made the entire experience easier and more peaceful… the motherly instinct of my wife! Seriously, I could not have underestimated this instinct mothers have more. She’s  a complete machine and absolutely rocks this mother-parent thing. It makes me feel more relaxed this gives baby the opportunity to grow up in a peaceful, relaxed environment.