All the extremists in this world should be thrown together onto an Island, where they alone can go at each other and sort one another out, leaving us, the rest of humanity in peace.

It is easier said than done, but I am starting to believe that being an extremists is the cause of most of the problems we have in this world. I am referring to recent terrorist attacks in Paris by the Muslim terrorist / extremist group ISIS.

As most of you would know I am a big supporter of creating and living in unity. Unity in ourselves, unity in our surroundings, and unity in the world. Zero Division while embracing our own uniqueness. There’s plenty of things that threaten and destroys this unity. One of them is being an extremist. Saying that, I understand that an extremist can be someone that takes a stand for something that he believes in very passionately (which is a good thing). The problem is people feel this something is worth dying for, others feel it may be something worth killing for, and hence the rabbit hole gets deeper and deeper.

Take away the extremists and you get a society where everybody gets along with one another (at least outwardly, not necessarily inwardly), where there is no protests, no wars, no discrimination and possibly no violence?

Step 1 to Fran’s perfect Society: Learn to be “ok” with other people not believing, acting, talking or living the same way you do. If you can do this then you are one step closer to NOT being an extremist, and another step away from taking action and starting the entire cycle of extremism that ends only in death and sadness. This can be very challenging: What if people in my neighborhood tortures their dog, or the husband is abusing his wife? Or are noisy? Then what? I must take a stand and do something right? Well… it’s not easy. This is where Step 2 comes in:

Step 2 to Fran’s perfect Society: You don’t have to kill people to make a point.Extremists are called that for a reason, they are extreme in the manner in which they approach an issue. It is definitely not the only means to end the issue. Their solution is extreme. Ex: Let’s blow up people in a restaurant to get our message across, let’s bomb chicken farms to stop grain fed robotic chickens. Let’s shoot my neighbor so he can stop abusing his wife. Prevent my kids from ever going onto the internet because they will see porn, have a ridiculously early curfew for my kids to protect them from “rapists” out there. You see, almost all of these methods are rooted in something good, but expressed in a manner which destroys unity and creates division. Every person mentioned above love their nation, religion, family and animals.

There are different ways to resolve all these issues in a non-extreme manner. And this is what I hope the world will wake up to.

Step 3 to Fran’s perfect Society: Embrace Satyagraha. Satyagraha is a term Mahatma Gahdhi gave to the movement he began and is famous for. Passive resistance. In most conflict, the goal is to defeat the enemy, to stop him from meeting his goal, or to meet a goal that the enemy is trying to stop (enter Extremists).

But in Satyagraha the goal is to change the mind of the wrong-doer, not to force him. Winning means getting along with the enemy to make what is wrong right again, which they might not realize is wrong. For this to happen, the enemy’s mind must change to realize that he is stopping a goal that is right.

I was fortunate enough to have visited Gandhi’s Satyagraha house here in Johannesburg South Africa.

There is so much more to say on this topic. We are now talking about what is right and what is wrong and this in itself can be very confusing. Yet, I believe these 3 things are what can drastically resolve so many issues in our world.

Satyagraha my Friend