2015 is set to be one helluva big year for me. I started to take on the massive task to quit smoking. Yup…. today is day 4 of not smoking. But more on this later.

I had some great time away at our little peace of heaven, and I used it to not only reflect on 2014, but also plan 2015. Here’s (almost) everything I plan to do in 2015, in every specific category:

1. Health

Ok so the big thing here is the no-smoking. I did a lot of prep work on how to break bad habits, how to deal with addiction and such, and it has been going good so far. Yes I still want to have a smoke quite regularly, but I am forcing myself to not entertain the thought at all.

The other thing is actually going to the gym and getting into shape this year. Enough is enough and my extreme inactivity needs to stop. I plan to go at least 3/4 times a week. Lose a few Kg’s and get ripped baby! 🙂

In regards to diet, I will simply follow my wife’s lead here. Thanks to her I am already eating very healthy, and am a week-day vegetarian already.

2. Financial

Save save save. That is the theme here. we’ve been getting along just fine for the last few years, and although things have been tough every now and then it has only been so due to us loving to travel and go away for the holidays.

This year though I actually want to be in a space where our travels and social expanses are not done in debt, but there’s enough money available to cover them.

3. Spiritual

This year I decided to answer these 3 questions:

  1. What do I believe in?
  2. Who/what is God to me?
  3. How does this affect me and the way I live?

These 3 questions should keep my busy for quite some time. Even though I am leaning a lot towards the writings of Deepak Chopra (The idea of there being a unifying God as real as our ability to enhance our consciousness to be able to perceive this reality to be. A God that is somewhere between the world of science, and the world of religion). Jesus also fits in here somewhere, and try as I may I simply cannot escape the mystery, wonder and infatuation with Him. I cannot escape him, there is something about his that is different from any other spiritual leader, wise-man, yogi, Buddha or spiritualist.

4. Family and Friends

I feel very content with the amount and level of friends I have at this stage,and this year will be all about spending more time with these friends to deepen the friendship. There’s no real desire to make new friends. There are these friends that I really feel I need to spend more time with, then there are those friends that I feel I really need to let go of maybe.

The priority here, and although it may seem a bit selfish is to spend time with people that build me up, and into my life. This is obviously first the family, and the close friends.

I am looking forward to some great memories with great friends this year. We have a lot planned!