There you have it, another year is gone and another one lies ahead of us full of excitement and endless possibilities. After a great time with the family I can actually say that I feel rested and ready for the year…

Here’s my usual review of the year that passed. At the end of each year I like to look back and reflect, learn, and take the best with me into the next year.

2014 kicked off with an awesome new years with great friends.

Looking back now I am glad to see how our friendships grew. The beginning of each year is also my Birthday. This year was once again special, spending time with family and friends. Check-out this cool gift I got from my brother,as well as these awesome Bonsai’s I got from my sexy wife (Oh yeah that’s another hobby I forgot about).

I also started my Tolkien book collecting hobby, I’ve written about this here before. Absolutely love Tolkien! One day I will own these!

February was a great break-away to our little piece of heaven. We’re trying to do this 3 times a year, which didn’t happen this year, but we had a great holiday to the Kruger park (more on this later) which kinda made up for us only going twice.

In March the much anticipated expansion for Diablo 3 got released. Boy… the amount of hours I spent playing this game. My gaming really picked up this year and luckily I have an awesome wife that can still show loads of interest when I show her my level 100 paladin warrior’s legendary warhammer! Lol!

We also celebrated the wedding of friends over at Pretoria. I managed to snap this sexy photo of my wife. This is one of my all time fav’s of her.

This has once again been a great year of realizing how privileged we are to have such awesome friends and family. We had countless of spur of the moment “kuiers” and this is what filled in all the blank spaces of this year with great times, memories and community.


Another awesome trip we managed to pull off was a hiking trip up at the Nelspruit area. We completely overestimated our ability to do this hike, but we made it! It was great fun and we saw some of the most beautiful and picturesque nature scenes ever!

On the series side, Game of Thrones was in full swing and we got to see the infamous purple wedding. Haha. It was awesome! Sorry for the spoiler below which you probably/hopefully already saw…

My little sister also came for a visit and surprised my mother for her Bday. It was a great time of laughing, catching up, spending time and just simply being family.

June was our annual Comrades expedition, and this was an awesome comrades once again. It is always great helping out my bro and supporting him and his wife on the day. This year though we decided to take a bit of a break afterwards and chill-out at Ballito for a few days.

Towards the end of the year we had two awesome weddings, both of them friends that we’ve become really close to. How awesome is this photo below? Wow… I am one lucky guy!!

Also, this was the start of my journey into World of Warcraft. Thanks to my cousin that helped me get to grips with the ins and outs of the game. I am addicted! My cousin also came through in October for our yearly geek weekend at the rAge computer expo. This year was a blast and was one of the best rAge events I’ve had.


Celebrated our 3 year anniversary on October. It made me think back to the past 3 years as a married man and made us both realize how every year is getting better and better! We managed to get a quick weekend away to the place where we got engaged.

Another great thing that happened was a “book club” we started earlier the year. It was with a great group of friends, and it made Thursday evenings extremely fun, insightful and really put me on a better path. You may have noticed that I started writing more political/race orientated type posts here. That is all due to the book club, and the book we did by Desmond Tutu.

I also managed to get myself the latest iPhone the iPhone 6. I timed my phone upgrades in such a way that every two years when Apple comes out with the new phone model (not the S) I am ready for my upgrade! yeah!

The end of the year involved our big family trip to our paradise for two weeks. Although the journey down and back was long this was an awesome holiday. It felt  great having an actual family holiday. I cant remember when last I actually went away with my family… when I was a kid? So this was a very special occasion for me, and I can now say that the in-laws are for sure like my real family.



2015 was also the year I radically reshaped my ideas on what I believe in. I guess I can now say with utmost peace that I am no longer a christian. I have new perspectives on a universal God, reality and higher consciousness, what salvation and faith means. This is still an ongoing journey and I will probably give a proper update on this later.. But for now… lets just say that God is reality 🙂