I know it is ridiculously late to do a 2013 review post, but only after going through some of my older posts did i realize that I’ve not yet done a 2013 review post. So here goes… this is my highlights of the year 2013

Being Broke as hell from our Zanzibar trip over new years 2012/13 the year kicked off pretty slow. But it was one of the best trips ever. Zanzibar, a true taste of africa and the most beautiful beaches and blue oceans you’ll ever see. I also had my Birthday in the beginning of January, and pretty much started the year trying to save every penny we have.


We continued going to FORA, Friends Of Rescued Animals. This was our little get-away once a week where we go and give some much needed love to animals in distress.


February was my lovely wife’s Birthday, and we celebrated in a special quiet way. It was also the big 30 for her. But we decided to keep it small, and intimate 🙂

On the Geek front I started a Geek website with a friend of mine, GeekShizzle. If you want to know more about this site, then head over to Geekshizzle.com. Other than this I was pretty much enjoying the next season of Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones of course had the infamous Red wedding..see below.I was still enjoying Diablo, and Company of Heroes. A small game called Star Craft 2 – Heart of the Swarm also got released .

March also had a great break-away holiday with some of our best friends to our little piece of heaven. It is a place we plan to go to at least 3 times a year. Oi how badly I want to go there now:

June was our annual Comrades Marathon trip down to durban, this was a massive success and we absolutely love going down to Durbs and supporting the family. More specifically my awesome Bro and his Wife doing her first Comrades in 2013.

In between all these social events and trips away we filled our lives with great friends and family. We said welcome to the Loubsers that moved into the complex next to us, and we enjoyed filling our mornings with coffee at the in-laws. Now a set occurrence at least once a week. How I love this outing!


Spiritually at this point I pretty much made a complete break from organized church, I found comfort in walking with God on my own (or as a unit with my Wife) and had no regrets, and never looked back at the IC (institutional church).

August marked another break away to our little piece of heaven. Weather wise this was not the best we’ve had, but oh my it will always be a great break-away and time well spent with the ones that matter most.


We also welcomed a new addition to the family, Yoda. How I laughed at this photo. He’s so small here! We love our 2 cats…Neo and Yoda.


September 2013 also marked the marriage of my best friend. What a wonderful day this was. Now we are all married. Can you believe it buddy!


Another highlight every year for me is of course the annual rAge expo. This was my 7th or 8th rAge, and it is always a great time for my cousin to come through and join the experience.


October marked the official 2 year anniversary for me and my Wife. We decided to head back to the place where we got engaged. It was an awesome trip, and it brought back so many memories of that momentous day back in 2011.

The end of 2013 also marked the passing of Nelson Mandela. Not a highlight, but a massive event that shook the world. We went to his house one day and just had such an awesome time of remembering this awesome man and what he’s done for us and the rest of South Africa:

The year concluded with a quiet December holiday, spending time with friends and family, and taking care of peoples houses and pets as they went away for the holidays. Looking back now this was a year that solidified relationships with friends and family. Things stabilized all over and this is the year I will remember as the good year. I like to get a specific word for each year in my life, a word that stood out that can summarise the entire year. And for 2013 it was simply Good. We we so blessed and fortunate that no serious illness or tragedy hit us, everything just fell into place. Things at home, me relationship with my Wife, relationships.. everything was just plain good. And that… is something to be extremely thankful for.