I started reading Lone Wolf books while still in school. Back then it played a monumental part in my introduction to the world of adventure gaming, fiction, fantasy and dungeons and dragons. This was before I got into PC gaming and table-top D&D.

Sadly my series is incomplete. Below is a list of all the Lone Wolf books written  (I marked those I own and those I still need  to get) from 1 to the intended 31 by Joe Dever.

For years and years fans (me included) were waiting patiently for word from Joe regarding the completion of the remaining 3 books. Through many delays and production problems it was with great joy that we learnt that he was in fact busy with them and in June 2016 book 29 – The Storms of Chai was released!

Sadly he passed away before he could complete 32 and 33. If you want to read/play these books online then you can get hold of them all here, thanks to some awesome work done by the Project Aon community!

The latest news is that old  friend Vincent Lazzari is picking up where Joe left off and seeing as there were more than enough notes to go by we will still be getting book 30!

Here’s  my list, I primarily collect the Red Fox  edition:

I short book 4,6 and 14.