I am a father. I’m still letting the idea sink in. I’m still not sure I am grasping the full gravity of the situation yet as the first week of being a father clearly indicated so by my freak-out sessions. ppBut, I guess this is expected especially from a father as you suddenly wake up one day with another person part of the family. Little did I know that one person can so quickly form such a tight and close-knit emotional bond with me. I am part of him as he is part of me. I mean this in the literal sense… I can feel my heart ache whenever he cries! Sitting and staring at your child is really something you can do for hours! This is a type of love I’ve not yet experienced. It’s confusing me…as much as it hurts sometimes it also gives this warm sense of bliss and content I’m struggling to find words for.

So with the jump into fatherhood done now it’s the beginning of another chapter of our lives. Being a Father and a parent and bringing into this world/country our son that will one day make this world a better place. But first let me commend my wife on her absolute bravery and massive achievement of bringing him into this world safely: She went through this thing completely natural! No drugs, no nothing. She is a natural in every sense of the word. Her calm and confident ability to care and provide for our boy is astounding! I guess that maternal instinct really is a thing all woman come with! I love her even more and after a week at home with just the 3 of us there is indeed a bond between us now that is closer than ever before.

I suspect that being a dad will be a roller-coaster ride of happiness, joy, pain, sorrow, stress and love.

Taking it one day at a time. And as today is the first day back at work…it sure does feel like the longest day ever!