There you have it. Another year at rAge over. I can hardly believe how quickly the time passes once the weekend begins! It was another legendary rAge with more than enough to keep us busy fore the entire weekend. It was the usual crowd for us this year as the 4 of us rocked up early on Friday morning and quickly took our usual places on the bottom floor. Ha…We considered sitting on the 1st floor but hey, why sit in dark gloomy Mordor when you can sit in sunny pleasant Shire.

This was our 13th rAge in total. Yup. We’ve been there since the beginning, the days where you signed up bby simply sending the organizers an email.

We missed one in 2011, the year both my and my cousin got married around the exact same time as the expo, an understandable reason to miss it I keep telling myself.

This year was a lot more relaxed for me and my cousin, we decided to actually go home on the evenings and not sleep in our cars or underneath our PC’s. Wise choice seeing as I stay only 3 kilometers away. The expo itself is simply amazing, and it is growing every year. Saturday is simply packed with people up to the point where us gamers are prevented to go into the expo. This year was also a lot more about gaming and playing games for us and less about copying. The best part of the entire ordeal is doing this with friends and family. It is our geek weekend of the year!

Here’a a few photos of the weekend..


Spot me in the photo above!

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Yeah the guys pretty much sleep wherever whenever. It is a great experience!