It’s been over 3 and a half months of no smoking and I can proudly say that I’ve been a non-smoker for 107 days.

Honestly I am not sure how I did it…

I posted about my strategy a few months back, and listed some techniques and triggers I used to help me adjust to the non-smoking, but there were times when I was extremely close to buying and lighting up.

Why I did’t go through with it is beyond me… will power?

What I do know is that I cling to the idea of being healthy. I love knowing that I am now a much much healthier person compared to when I was pumping my lungs with nicotine every day. Plus I am saving money, ok saving money was never the most important factor keeping me from starting again.

It literally boils down to learning how to control what I think about. When I think about smoking (which is impossible to control. You can’t help when you see a photo, you smell someone else, you trigger an old memory having a smoke) the trick is to immediately think of something else. It is this ability to shift my mind that has kept me from smoking again.

If you succeed in shifting your thoughts then you will “forget” about the thought of having a smoke. Eventually you will start to think about having a smoke less and less. I can guarantee this.

Am I done with smoking forever? I hope so. I will keep working at controlling my thoughts, that is all I can do 🙂