The nice thing about not being affiliated with any specific religious group or church, is that there is no sense or urgency or demand on what needs to be done, understood or believed in a given amount of time.

Hence I’ve been taking my recent series of posts here, which is also my “spiritual journey verbalized” (if I can call it that) ┬ácalled “religion stripped off” at snails pace. And I am loving it.
The beauty and peace found in the place where I am at is truly special. I find it perfectly normal and peaceful to sit with my questions about God, Jesus, Religion and humanity and simply ponder about it. Not having answers by no means mean one is in limbo. I have my core values that I believe and align my life towards and that is most important to me at this stage of my life.
This brings to mind a quote my wife loves, and comes from the movie “Eat, Pray, Love” with Julia Roberts (Seriously, my wife has watched this movie 1000 times, and I am not exaggerating). The quote is in Italian, and it goes:
Dolce Far Niente which means The sweetness of doing nothing…
This has become somewhat of a motto in my life. I can honestly sit and enjoy the moment of doing nothing. Sounds lazy? Well, then perhaps this type of motto simply does not fit in with your values, character or current lifestyle.
While the economy falls, jobs get more and more scarce, violence and war is found everywhere, and the world turns even more and more busy and noisier… I will be sitting at home, enjoying the sweetness of doing nothing.