I realized another very valuable thing about myself today. Actually I learned it a few times over the last month. One of my main strengths is Responsibility. If you’ve read the “Now discover your strengths” book by Marcus Buckingham, then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Basically the book helps you identify the things that you are really good at. He gives a list of roughly 40 strengths and after a lengthy online questionnaire you are presented with your top 5. Things such as Focus, Driven, Idealist, Competitive, Relator, Futuristic, etc.

Now responsibility is one of my main strengths. This means that I am good when put in a position of responsibility. This can have it’s negative effects. For example. If I have to drive a group of people somewhere… I take the responsibility to be on time, drive safe, know where I am going. If any of these things aren’t in place, then I stress like you wont believe! Another example: If my wife is sick and she just does not want to get better I stress! I feel it is my responsibility to take care/protect/ assist. And when I can’t, when she does not get better I stress and eventually freak out! Especially if she refuses to take medicine!! LOL.

So if you want something done that involves other people, especially people that I personally Love, then I can bet you it will be done and done bloody welll. My insane strength of responsibility will ensure that.

Theres not really a point to this post. I just wanted to share this lesson I learnt about myself:

I love taking on responsibility, but when it involves people I love, It turns into such a stressful event for me that I almost break-down and cry.