This is it, my last blog post for 2012. I did not quite get through my “best of” series, but maybe I will add them early 2013. For now, I find myself  thinking back over the span of the year that seemed to have FLEW past us. What the highlights were, the low-lights. The memories, the achievements and disappointments.

I kind of already posted the plans going forward for myself in 2013. This is my Body, Soul and Spirit journey I’ve been posting about. Catch up on this here:

As for memories, the journey with my awesome wife was definitely the highlight here. I can’t pin it down to an exact event though, this is more of a journey that spanned across the entire year for me. How we grew closer together. How we are shaping and molding each other to become more and more like one, a unit. Every day, every moment is priceless. When I think about the amount of time we spent together I feel really blessed. I see my wife for about 6 hours every day, not even counting weekends. Your average married couple will get roughly 3 hours max a day with each other, taking into consideration working hours, traffic home, etc. This puts us in a very blessed position for a lot of quality time together. The challenge is to actually use the 6 hours a day productively and not waste it on doing nothing, watching too much TV, or meeting up with friends at the expense of our own quality time.

Another highlight was definitely the times spent with friends and family. Especially the times this happened on vacation. This makes the two times we managed to go on vacation to our ‘place of piece’ stand out above the rest. This places restores the soul, and puts life into perspective. It was great having my cousin and his family come through as well!

Another event that I will never forget was Comrades 2012 with my Brother. I absolutely loved it! Bring on 2013 where my bro and his wife will be running!

We also had the wedding our one of my best friends in April, this was my second time as best man. We looked forward to this wedding so much! Cheers Joe & Tish!

Another highlight was definitely spending time with my ‘new’ family. Once again I feel really blessed. I feel like I have the best mother, father and brother in law that a guy could ever ask for. How many husbands do you know that actually like spending time with his ‘in-laws’? Well, I do, and I love it!

I feel I have to mention this, but it is a huge celebration for me! I’ve waited so long for this, and it is the event of the year for the inner-geek in me… I finally have my iPhone5!! LOL!!!!1

One event that remains that I believe will also be a massive highlight is our trip/friends’ wedding to Zanzibar at the end of the year. It is something that kind of came at a bad time, financially, but it is one of those things where we could not really decline it. No doubt this will be awesome, bring on the blue ocean and white beaches!

2012 was also a year of making new friends. After getting married, spending time with close friends just is not that easy. Espacially if your best-friends stay far, and have completely different schedules than me. So it was great meeting new people, making friends! The bonusis to be able to go to places such as FORA together.

It was truly a year of Health  for us. Yes we get the odd flu here, and the stomach bug there, but overall 2012 was an extremely good year for health. This is a huge thing for us, we will not accept sickness in our lives. We are born to be healthy, wealthy, and prosperous!

So here’s to 2012. I hope you achieved what you set out to achieve. I hope it was just a blessed year for you as it was for me!