I love movies. Who doesn’t? No… I REALLY like movies… There’s nothing better than switching off and completely getting drawn away for 2 hours. Here’s a list of some of the best movies I’ve seen this year:

In no particular order…

1. Avengers

What a blockbuster movie. Taking that I love super-hero movies into consideration, it was no surprise that this one was going to be here, and perhaps one of my all-time favourites.

2. Snow white and the Huntsman

I would never have thought that this movie would make this list, but what do you know. I really enjoyed this. I am definitely NOT a fan of the chick who plays in this, but I loved the darkness of this film. It was not an airy fairy movie at all.

3. Prometheus

Epic. This IS a prequel. I loved it. I am a huge Ridley Scott fan, and obviously a huge Alien fan.This movie had a lot of love-hate reviews. But I simply loved it, can’t wait to see the extra 15 minutes on the DVD release.

4. Hunger Games

Perhaps a little bit “childish” to be on here, but I loved the movie. The whole idea behind the movie and how the world turns into districts. Awesome! Looking forward to the rest

5. Dark Knight Rises

Boy did this movie have a huge build-up! the last one in the trilogy by Nolan. It was awesome! I doubt whether anyone will ever depict Batman as awesome as Nolan did!

There’s still plenty of good movies to watch out for before the year ends!  I can’t wait!